Geo-Scatter 5.3 For Blender 2023

The Fifth iteration is here for blender 3+
We completely improved every single corner of our plugin.
This is a massive remake, with solid foundations ready to stick in time for this new blender era.

Premium Features

There is an incredible amount of features packed into this plugin, here is a glimpse of the functionalities available here below.


As the first big scattering toolset of blender, we have developed an effective and proven system over the past years. It’s very easy! Select any objects you’d like, choose your distribution preset, then just click on “Scatter”. Who told you that Scattering was difficult? This operator now support the new asset browser!

ID Maps

The texture pattern feature now supports multiple scatter-users per texture at the same time, influence by sampling colors has also been implemented, making this feature ideal for green-walls or flower-mats. ID maps is also a very useful way to control multiple scatter from one painting layer.lexible

The new flexible features of Geo-Scattercan be used in many various use cases, the only limit is your imagination! For example, use the rotation snap slider to scatter hardsurface greebles on your surface.


Geo-Scatter new “manual distribution mode” was born out of a simple idea: We wanted to create an alternative distribution workflow for artists, where users are able to paint instances like you would when painting on a canvas, with a set of various brushes to choose from, that will add, alter or remove matter.


The Abiotic Factors are all the terrain features that can influence your scatter-system, they are essential to give credibility and realism to your virtual world. Especially if you are scattering landscapes! Elevation, slope, curvature, orientation, watershed, Geo-Scatter got everything that is needed.


The new rotation and scale settings of Geo-Scatter are complete and precise, you have total control over how your instances are scaled, rotated, aligned, or tilted. You can for example create billboard effects easily.


There are numerous new features in Geo-Scatter 5 where the scattered instances can interact with chosen objects, for example, remove instances under a picnic table, near a building, or create the illusion of interactive collision by leaning instances near your characters.


Geo-Scatter has top-of-the-line optimization features available; remove instances out of your FOV, add distance culling effects, display your instances as placeholder only in the viewport, ect… Thanks to such features, you will be able to work with a high number of items, unlocking your artistic potential.


Achieve advance control on how your instances are assigned to your distributed points with the instances pick method. You will be able to assign instances by rate, by cluster, color ID maps, or even by the scale attribute, to guarantee instances with physically accurate scale.


The clump distribution method of version4 has been revamped, with way more settings to influence your clump’s children scale/normal/tangent.


Create dynamic environments with scatter-layers that can influence one another. This is done by defining attraction or repulsion rules in the “ecosystem” sub menu.


The wind-wave feature will create the illusion of wind flowing in your scattered instances. Ideal if you want to add realism in your fields or grassy areas with only one click.Innovative

Our goal is really to push the limit of what’s possible, scattering-wise, in b3d. We always try to innovate new functionalities. For example, Geo-Scatter can read generated or painted flowmap information, you can use a flowmap to influence your instances tilt or tangent direction.


The Geo-Scatter workflow is highly polished, you can achieve complex set-ups with ease! For example, in this demonstration, we are dynamically distributing smaller clumps of grass near obstacles and borders, to achieve a clean lawn scatter. The .blend file of this demo is available in our manual page.