Gélatine deformer For Cinema 4d R16/R17/R18/R19

The Gélatine deformer gives an elastic effect to your animated objects.

Like the Jiggle deformer, but with other features :
– More flabby effect.
– Work with multiple objects.
– We set the Handle points on the object.
– Easier to use, with a simple falloff curve.

v 1.0 :
– Add a stretching effect depending to the normals.

v 0.5 :
– Compatible on Windows and OSX for C4D R15, R16, R17 64 bits.
– Czech translation by Lubo Bezek.




Intensity :
Set the deformer intensity, it mix the current state object with the deformed version.


Handles :
– Source : The deformer position set the handle point, where the deformation is the least.
– Points selection : Each point is like a source. Set the Point Selection field with the Point Selection Tag name you set on the deformed object.
– All : All the points are uniformly deformed. Usefull with a Vertex Map used on the deformer.


Radius :
Set the internal radius falloff. Available only with Handles set to Source.


Max radius :
Set the external radius falloff. Available only with Handles set to Source and Point Selection.


Point selection :
Set here the Point Selection Tag name of the object to set the handle points. Available only with Handles set to Point Selection.


Elasticity :
Set the elasticity of the object.


Absorption :
A high absorption value make the object movement slowed. Synonym of friction.


Absorption angle :
The absoprtion angle allow to restrict the effect to the points with the same normal angle that the object motion.


Firmness :
A high firmness value gives a spring effect to the object.


Mitigation :
The curve set the deformation evolution from the Handles center.