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A lightweight and easy-to-use web browser that offers quick history cleanup and protection against cryptocurrency mining malware



Gate Browserย is a Chromium-based utility that oversimplifies browsing to the level where a couple of buttons is everything you have to work with.

The first detail that meets the eye is the dark color-scheme, which is always a positive feature for users with eye issues or for those who work nights. The theme can be changed to white only, by using the switch from underneath theย Close button.

Right near the theme changer, a trashcan icon can be noticed. From there you can clean the entire history and reset the browser, or at least in theory, as a History menu is nowhere to be found.

Furthermore, no settings menu seems to be in place, or at least not visible. Without this menu, features like a bookmark bar, extension manager, and other preferences, are not available.

The last noticeable feature, represented by the shield icon, should protect you from any crypto-mining intentions. This function looks like itโ€™s permanently active, as it cannot be turned on or off.

To conclude, Gate Browser might look like work-in-progress, but appearances can be deceiving, as there are users who prefer to use extremely simple tools no matter the domain.

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