Free Mettle SkyBox 10 sec Loop 2048×1024

Mettle SkyBox is a new plugin for After Effects that generates 3D seamless stills/animations to be used as Reflection Maps and Environment Maps. Output formats: Cubic, Equirectangular, spherical. The Equirectangular format is perfect for youtube 360 format. Available soon.

SkyBox lets you take your After Effects compositions and generate 3D seamless animations that can be used as Reflection Maps and Environment Maps with 3D plug-ins for Ae like mettle ShapeShifter Ae and FreeForm Pro, Trapcode Horizon, Element 3D, Zaxwerks… any 3D plug-in that accepts Reflection Maps or Environment Maps.

SkyBox animations can be used in 3D applications like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Houdini, Lightwave, Blender, Modo. Can also be used to generate dome projections, content for youtube 360 format, or for VR head-mounted display file formats like Occulus Rift. Great for webGL and gaming environments like the Unreal Engine and Unity3D.


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