• July 30, 2021

About the Product

15 Peeled Paper Stickers + 3 Holo-Sticker Designs

Looking to create an inventive and creative looking piece of artwork that can really make the right impression? Then take a look at our Peeled Stickers collection today. This package comes with all manner of excellent items included, with 15 peeled paper sticker mock-ups designed for easy editing, adjustment, and mastering. Youโ€™ll also get three excellent holo sticker designs; perfect for creating meaningful artistic content that is sure to entice buyers!

This is a collection of 18 unique Photoshop files, with pixel ranges from 3000-5000px. This lets you to create top quality content that stans out, attracts attention, and makes an immediately positive impression on the recipient. Each image is made from scratch, using our artistic expertise to make use of real-life photography which is adjusted to help tell a certain story. On top of that, you can get free updates for the lifespan of the product.

Everything in this package has been hand cropped to ensure itโ€™s got authentic, realistic edges. On top of that, weโ€™ve used simple planning to help make adjusting the colour one of the easiest things that you can do for your selection. Cropped by hand, this contains an impressive:

Each Sticker comes with 3 Premade designs.
Made completely from scratch out of real photographs.
Easy color Adjustment.
Cropped by hand for authentic and unique edges.
Free updates.
This product contains:

18 Photoshop files, ready to edit and manipulate as you see fit.
15 Transparent PN files, easy to use, and adapt in any way you wish.
4 Unique textures, ensuring that you can design to your own aims.
Preview files, letting you see exactly what you have to work with.

Selected pieces from this product can also be found in our new Artistic Toolkit. https://crmrkt.com/ooeaMV




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