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Filter Forge 9.0 Pro Final (Win64)


Filter Forge 9.0 Final Pro Setup + Portable + 6650 Filters (Win64)

1. please do NOT report the torrent because the .rar format – in this upload be 6650 filters include and my
torrent app was not able to create a torrent with so many files.

2. Content: there is the Setup for Filter Forge 9.002 trial inside when you want install this as Photoshop plugin,
and there is a portable standalone version and also 6650 filters.

3. this version comes also with a trial reset .batch file created by angelofmercy – this is better as a serial because
then you get the full Pro version which has no limit in the picture size – with a serial you become only the standard
version which is limited to pictures in max. 3000p x 3000p.

4. how to install: simply run the setup when you need this as PS plugin and then run the
“Filter Forge 9 – PS Plugin.batch” file as admin. when you only need the portable standalone version then copy
the folder “Filter Forge 9” to C:\Program Files and run the “Filter Forge 9.batch” file as admin.

5. how to install all this filters: run the program for one time, then go to
C:\User\your name\AppData\Roaming\Filter Forge 9 and replace or overwrite the “System” folder – restart the app
and now you have all this new filters include. (effects be not in this upload)

6. and remember: you get always this annoying “Trial” window but you have the full Pro version

detailed information find you in the “read me first !!!” file – follow them carefully and everything will work.

forum: http://forum.cgpersia.com/f13/filter-forge-9-0-pro-final-188974/

Zippy Share