Faceit v.1.5.6 Addon For Blender

Faceit v.1.5.6 Addon For Blender

What is Faceit?

Faceit is a Blender Add-on that allows you to semi-automatically generate a set of facial shape keys for humanoid characters without using any sculpting or modelling tools. With Faceit you can ready your character model for high quality Animation in minutes!

Save Weeks of Work!

If you have any questions, feedback or requests, I am happy to hear it! Check out the links below for news, updates, detailed footage and workflow instructions:
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Ready your Character for ARKit Performance Capture in Minutes! (Rain Rig © Blender Foundation)

New – 2.0 Custom Expressions

Faceit 2.0: Load custom expression sets or presets shipped with Faceit. Create thousands of facial expressions in no time!

Faceit 2.0: Add Unlimited Custom Expressions – Export, Share, Re-use on all your projects!

Smart Rigging Process

An intuitive and non-destructive workflow guides you through the creation of facial shape keys that are perfectly adapted to your 3D model’s topology and morphology, whether it’s a photorealistic human model or a cartoonish character. You maintain full artistic control while saving a ton of time and energy.

Easy and intuitive facial rigging process! Procedurally generated expressions!

Fit rig and expressions to your character, by placing the Faceit landmarks.


Auto-Generated Expressions

The 52 ARKit shape keys automatically generated for bunny.

Bake to Shape Keys

Bake the deformation from the modifier stack, pose and scultping into final shape keys.


Faceit is fully non-destructive! You can return to any point in the rigging process, even after baking.




Customize Expressions

Tweak any part of the auto-generated expressions, by posing the control bones!

Non-destructive Sculpting

Non-destructively Sculpt upon any of the registered meshes to fine-tune Faceit expression!

Amplify Range of Motion

Change the range of motion for any expression in real-time!

Mirror Expression (Pose and Sculpt Layer)

Quickly mirror both the pose and the sculpt influence.

ARKit Expressions and Performance Capture

ARKit Control Rig

The ARKit Control Rig is compatible with all Mocap utilities. Load animation directly onto the rig and use animation layers to tweak the animation!


You can use any iOS device equipped with the True Depth Camera to capture your facial motion and retarget it to a 3D character in realtime, provided that the character is equipped with the required Shape Keys. If you never heard of this, I recommend you to watch this video.

A multitude of apps stands available that support capturing and recording of facial motions, including:

  • Live Link Face (Unreal Engine)
  • Face Cap
  • FaceMotion 3D
  • iFacialMocap
  • Blender Motion Capture

Any character that has been processed with Faceit (equipped with the 52 Shape Keys) will be compatible with any iOS face capturing app. Faceit supplies direct interfaces for the Epics Live Link Face App and the popular Face Cap App by bannaflak. Interfaces will be extended with upcoming releases.


Export as FBX and use it in a GameEngine like Unity or Unreal.


IPhoneX Facial Capture combined with Auto Rig Pro Rigging and Mocap.

Arbitrary Characters

Faceit supports almost any humanoid morphology and topology. (52 ARKit Expressions for any character)


Why Spend the Money?

The process of creating complex shape key models, like the 52 prescribed ARKit expressions, in a traditional workflow (Sculpting or Modeling) can be tedious! Faceit will boost your animation pipeline, by allowing you to focus on the essential, the animation!

No matter if you need to create complex shape key sets for movie characters (600+ expressions) or if you need to create shape keys for numerous 3D characters in your AAA game, Faceit 2.0 will be the right choice for your production!

If you want to integrate IPhoneX performance capture into your character animation pipeline than Faceit will save you weeks of work and turn Blender into a small capturing studio!

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions for future development!

Workflow Overview

  1. Register Geometry
  2. Create Landmarks
  3. Auto Generate Rig
  4. Smart Bind Geo to Rig
  5. Posing, Amplifying and Non-destructive Sculpting
  6. Bake Expressions to Shape Keys
  7. Start Performance Capture, Create the Control Rig or Export to Game Engines
  8. If you need to change something, just go back to any of the steps above without loosing data!
    Faceit is fully non-destructive!

Check out the process videos and the documentation for detailed workflow instructions!


Rigging Process (Faceit 1.0)

Modally position and scale the Landmarks for a rough match.

Project the Landmarks from Front View

Generate the Rig and Smart Bind!

Check the generated expressions

Bake Deformation to Shape Keys. Done!

Smart Binding – Results usually require no further Weight Painting

Weights generated based on Landmarks. Weighting usually requires no further editing.


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