Elementza Mastering 3d modeling in Maya (Torrent)

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A Complete Beginner to Advanced 3D Modeling Training!
30+ Hours of Training!
Each class has 10 or more video lectures, covering Modeling, Rendering, Project Breakdowns, and Student Projects.

CLASS ONE / Intro to Maya
In this class, we are going to get ourselves familiar with general modeling tools in Maya.
Our focus here is to learn how to use the software and its tools.
CLASS TWO / Mastering Topology
In this class, we are going to get ourselves familiar with the theory and the basics of clean topology. Our focus is to establish a solid foundation and understanding of general modeling rules.
CLASS THREE / Modeling Simple Objects
In this step by step tutorials, we´re going back to very basics and cover the process of creating a Camera and Earphones in Maya.
CLASS FOUR / Topology in Complex Shapes
In this step by step class, we´re going to explore more complex shapes and topology while designing a weapon from only a silhouette.
CLASS FIVE / Workflow for Complex Objects
In this course, we´re going to focus on hard surface workflow in Maya, and how to approach and tackle even more advanced designs.
CLASS SIX / Assignments, Critiques & Feedback

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