Dungeon Pin-ups Mina Pathfinders Vault 3D-Print Model –

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This is a resin miniature of Nina the Hunter by Dungeon pin-ups. All miniatures ship unpainted and unprimed. A customized 25mm or 50mm base is included in this purchase.

This model is sized based on a 32mm scale, a humanoid mini will measure from foot to eyeline equal to 32mm. In DnD a 1″x1″ square is 25mm. Listed below are the standard size bases for the various sized creatures in the game.
Tiny —————- 15mm Base
Medium ———– 25mm Base
Heroic Medium – 32mm Base
Large ————- 50 mm Base
Huge ————– 75 mm Base
Gargantuan —- 100 mm Base

All prints are made with a tough but flexible resin with no excessive detail loss. The color will be grey. Prints are cleaned, cured, and free of supports. I will do as much as I can to clean support marks from the printing process which include sanding and filing. The miniatures will be ready for you to prime and paint.


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