Dungeon Architect 1.7.7 Unity Asset

Dungeon Architect is a procedural level generation tool. It lets you quickly author your own dungeons both at runtime and design-time with powerful editor tooling.

– Procedural Levels: Generate vast procedural levels with a single click
– Runtime Dungeons: Generate dynamic dungeons at runtime
– Theming: Use an intivitive graph based theming approach to interactively design the look and feel of your dungeons
– NavMesh: Generates dynamic navigation mesh. Also comes with a navigation agent implementation for moving AI bots along the nav mesh
– Paint Tool: Paint your own dungeon layout within the editor for more artistic control, and have the environment automatically build around it
– Volumes: Use various types of volumes to influence the dungeon layout
– Terrain Modifier: Procedurally modifies and paints the terrain along the dungeon layout
– 2D Support: Use the same workflow to create 2D levels. The theming engine supports sprites for your 2D games
– Scriptable: Add your own logic on any of the theme graph node to control the way the props are populated in the scene.
– Source Code: Full Source Code access and documentation
– Extensible: Designed to be modular and extensible (e.g. the dungeon generation algorithm can be easily swapped with another algorithm and work seamlessly with the rest of the pipeline)
– Sample Content: Free modular assets are included to help you quickly get started. A sample game helps demo the various features of Dungeon Architect (Runtime procedural dungeons, Dynamic Navigation Mesh, AI Agents using the nav mesh etc)


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