Domestika Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop

Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : Domestika
Manufacturer’s website : https://www.domestika.org/
Author : Karmen Loh
Duration : 5h 46min
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : Learn how to create enchanting narratives in your digital portraits
Sparking emotion and wonder through a fantasy narrative is a skill that requires a resourceful mind, flush with imagination. However, a defined methodology is just as important to successfully transmit these ideas to your audience. Established fantasy illustrator Karmen Loh, also known as Bearbrickjia, has created a world of delicate, whimsical fantasy portraits that delight a community of over 133k followers on Instagram, as well as character concept art for game titles such as Street Fighter and Steel Circus.
In this course, Karmen will show you the soft, glittering ropes to her polished technique for creating digital fantasy portraits that narrate an ethereal atmosphere, with precision and skill. Her use of Adobe Photoshop has an easy to follow structure, that will give you all the necessary tools to fuse your imagination through this program to create your own unique fantasy narration into your digital portraits. Content

U1 Introduction
U2 Tools and techiques in Photoshop
U3 Let’s Create!
U4 Finishing Touch
FP Final Project
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