Directing The Camera in Blender

Release Year : 2020
Manufacturer : CGcookie
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Author : Wayne Dixon
Duration : 02:14:26
Handout Type : Video Lesson
Language : English
Description : This course is based on Working with the camera in Blender, you will learn about how camera physics work in the real world, concepts from photography and cinematography, and practice the most basic techniques.
Let’s make your own movie in Blender! Ready? Making a short film is a titanic task of many individual steps in various areas of filmmaking.
One of the required areas is camera work! Without understanding what you are doing, your film will only suffer and Spielberg will not come out of you.
But in these 12 easy-to-follow tutorials, I’ll walk you through the basic concepts of photography and cinematography.
You’ll learn the terms the pros use (yes, not every camera move is a pan!) and, of course, awaken your inner Hitchhock and put the right techniques into practice.
Chapter 1: Learn camera theory with an interesting approach (and examples from famous films)
Chapter 2: The camera in Blender (all the settings you need)
Chapter 3: The practice of using the camera in Blender (exercises)
Chapter 4: Useful tips about the camera

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