Diopter v1.03 After Effect

Diopter is a native Adobe After Effects plugin which plays with blurs, optical effects, light and more


Choose your lens

Pick a shape, place it, transform it, feather it. Import or even create one!

Blur it up

Choose among several types of blur or optical effects. Try a fast blur with a pinch of realistic one. Add a bit of optical distortion. Well, be creative!

BAM! Presets!

Find the perfect mix among the many in-built presets or even better… Make your own!


Only for After Effects

Diopter is a plugin which adds optical effects (blur, distortion, coloration) on a layer. Choose a lens shape (a mask) among the in-built shapes or use another layer as Luma Matte. This lens may be transformed.

Apply different effects to the lens: fast blur, realistic blur, directional blur, trail, optical distortion, brightness, color, chromatic aberration.

The overall intensity of the effect can be controlled, it’s also possible to apply a blend mode : Screen, Add, Multiply.

16 and 32bit now fully supported!


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