• August 2, 2021
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Flowmaps are image textures that provide directional information about which way another texture should be moved. By using these textures, things like flowing rivers, whirlpools and a variety of other effects are easy to make without the need for a lot of geometry. DeltaFlow allows you to use these Flowmap textures in Blender and bring more life to your scene.

What’s included?

DeltaFlow Principled Water

A realistic water shader with simple controls to affect flow direction, speed, Flow breakup strength and scale to provide more natural continuous motion, and how much foam and waves are produced in the fast flowing parts of the texture.

DeltaFlow Emission Water

A flat water shader perfect for a more stylized look with the same controls as the Principled Water. It’s easy to add a color ramp and customize the colors to your scene.

DeltaFlow Emission Lava – Heightmap

This shader provides an example of the use of the included “HeightmapToFlowmap” Node group. This node group will convert a monochrome heightmap to a downhill flowmap for a quick and easy way to get motion into your material.

DeltaFlow AutoFlow

A key part of all this water is also allowing it to get on everything. This extra shader adds flowing water layer on top of your object that automatically moves down the sides, no flowmap needed.

2 Premade flowmaps

A bubbling cauldron, swirling clouds over a tornado, water flowing away from a waterfall, or a spinning whirlpool? These two flowmaps will on their own open a world of effects and detail to your scene.

The Next Level

Simply using the included shaders and flowmaps even applied to a UV unwrapped plane will bring a new tier of life to your scene. But to really unlock power of flowmaps use the DeltaFlow and Texture Control node groups to create your own amazing materials then create your own flowmaps customized to your scene to get things moving just the way you’d want.

Where to get Flowmaps

While flowmaps can be generate by tools such as Houdini or hand painted with Krita the best way to dip your toes in the water is a great free tool FlowMap Painter. Simple to use and visual feedback will have you drawing your first flowmaps in minutes.

*This product only contains the above mentioned flowmap shaders and not any models or scenes used in the example video or images



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