DAZ3D All Materials – SKU 48000-48999 – Part I DAZ Studio 4.10 (Torrent 73GB)

Developer: ……….. DAZ3D
Platform: …………. PC
Format: ……………. ZIP Archives * (See under the spoiler “Formats”)
Requirements: ………… See descriptions for materials
Release date: ………. 2018
Quantity: … ……… 309
Size: ……………. 72 GB

ZIP archives for installation using DAZ Install Manager (more details under the spoiler “How to install”)
Description: This and other distributions of the “DAZ3D – All Materials” series include the whole range of materials designed to work with DAZ Studio 4.9 – characters (Female, Male), clothes (Clothing), shoes (Shoes), jewelry (Jewelry), objects (Props), interiors (Interiors), animations, poses, facial expressions (Animation), morphs, shaders, lighting, plugins, etc.
Each material is located in a folder, the title of which contains the product identification number (SKU) and its full name. Also, each of the folders contains a link (file in URL format) to the manufacturer’s page with a product description in English, a poster in JPG format, a PDF file with information about the product (also in the language of a potential enemy) and a [IMG] folder with demo images.
The materials in the distribution can be duplicated in the event that any product is included in the Bundle. Thus, in the distribution, this product will be present both under its identification number, and as part of the collection, which has its own identification number. This is done so that you can, for example, download the required material separately without downloading the entire collection.
Additions: For convenience, I have created a catalog of products included in this distribution in XLS format (Microsoft Excel 2000), which is included in the distribution. The directory contains the following fields:

  1. ID – Product SKU;
  2. Date – Product release date;
  3. Product Name – The official name of the product (this is the link by which you can go to the off. Product page);
  4. Artist – The author of the product (this is a link by which you can go to a page with other works of the author);
  5. Category – The name of the category to which the product belongs (Clothing, Vehicles, Female, Hair, etc.);
  6. Compatible Figures – Indicates what type and generation of Genesis are required for the correct operation of the product (Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male, etc.);
  7. Compatible Software – Indicates the program for which the product is intended (mainly DAZ Studio 4.9, 4.10, rarely Poser, etc.);
  8. Required Products – The identifier (SKU) of the product for which the current product is an add-on;
  9. Includes products “<” (part of the bundle “>”) – Indicates which products this product includes, if it is a Bundle, or which bundles it is included in.

Thus, data can be sorted by any of the listed parameters, filters can be used, and product information can be viewed by clicking on links.

Distribution composition
48467 Rip and Tear Pack for Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 Herschel Hoffmeyer [Animals]
48527 Centauri Freehold Three Wishes [Animations]
48531 City Dweller Poses Three Wishes [Animations]
48553 A Helping Hand Poses for Genesis 3 Male Predatron [Animations]
48559 Z Guilty As Charged – Morph Dial and One-Click Expressions for Genesis 3 & 8 Zeddicuss [Animations]
48771 PW Claws PW Productions [Animations]
48039 Pepper Bundle VRVirtuosos[Bundles]
48229 Fitness Club Bundle Polish [Bundles]
48361 HFS Ultimate Shapes Bundle DarioFish [Bundles]
48443 Marigold Bundle Raiya [Bundles]
48447 Lustrum Bundle – Character, Outfit and Expansion Silver [Bundles]
48671 Z Questioning Room Bundles Zeddicuss8 [Bundles] 48671 Z Questioning Room Bundle Zeddicuss8 [Bundles]
48671 Daz Studio Content Creation Mastery Bundle Digital Art Live [Bundles]
48897 Charlotte 8 Starter Bundle Daz Originals [Bundles]
48899 Charlotte 8 Pro Bundle Daz Originals[Bundles]
48915 Darius 8 Starter Bundle Daz Originals [Bundles]
48917 Darius 8 Pro Bundle Daz Originals [Bundles]
48147 Swamp House Muze [Cityscapes]
48271 MedBay Stonemason [Cityscapes]
48317 Tram Line Ansiko [Cityscapes]
48347 Japanese Spa and Hot Spring Digitallab3D [Cityscapes]
48563 Subway Station Mely3D [Cityscapes]
48739 Ocher City Iray Addon Jack Tomalin [Cityscapes]
48001 Garden Gala Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) tentman [Clothing]
48005 Blazer and Skinny Jeans Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48053 Autumn Haze Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) WildDesigns [Clothing]
48055 dForce Summer Dream for Genesis 8 Female (s) esha [Clothing]
48057 dForce Summer Dream Addon Textures esha [Clothing]
48063 Raven Headwear for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) Lilflame [Clothing]
48075 dForce Genevieve Gown for Genesis 8 Female (s) PandyGirl [Clothing]
48077 dForce Shawl Style for Genesis 3 Female (s) tentman [Clothing]
48107 dForce Vintage Style Flapper Dress for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) Aave Nainen [Clothing]
48111 Autumn Haze Outfit Comfy Textures Silver [Clothing]
48115 dForce Frey Healer Outfit for Genesis 3 Female (s) tentman [Clothing]
48139 dForce Casual Style Outfit for Genesis 3 Female (s) tentman [Clothing]
48145 Princess of Darkness 2 Moyra [Clothing]
48155 Sighni Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) PoisenedLily [Clothing]
48161Desert Mage for Genesis 3 Male (s) Daz Originals [Clothing]
48163 Wizard Apprentice Outfit for Genesis 8 Male (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48165 Wizard Apprentice Outfit Textures Arien [Clothing]
48167 Sorceress Apprentice Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48169 Sorceress Apprentice Outfit Textures Arien [Clothing]
48183 Strike Back Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48213 dForce Romantic Dress Outfit for Genesis 8 Female PixelTizzyFit [Clothing]
48221Holy Quest Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Blue Rabbit [Clothing]
48231 Princess Ensemble for Genesis 8 Female (s) Umblefugly [Clothing]
48233 Princess Ensemble Textures Anna Benjamin [Clothing]
48261 Desert Scout Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) sade [Clothing]
48263 Desert Scout Outfit Textures sade [Clothing]
48265 Lustrum Dress Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Silver [Clothing]
48267 Lustrum Dress Outfit Textures Silver [Clothing]
48275 Slinky Suit 2 for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s)smay [Clothing]
48289 Dark Schoolgirl Dress for Genesis 8 Female (s) outoftouch [Clothing]
48309 dForce Night Shirt and Slippers Textures Arien [Clothing]
48351 Night Spy Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) HM [Clothing]
48409 Smooth Talker Outfit for Genesis 8 Male (s) Shox-Design [Clothing]
48411 Smooth Talker Outfit Textures Shox-Design [Clothing]
48437 Space Explorer Uniform for Genesis 8 Female (s) Shox-Design [Clothing]
48477 Bounty Hunter Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s ) Luthbellina[Clothing]
48479 Bounty Hunter Outfit Textures Luthbellina [Clothing]
48487 dForce Swim Shorts for Genesis 8 Male (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48509 Astronaut for Genesis 3 Male (s) midnight_stories [Clothing]
48521 CB Hallo Clothing Set for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) CynderBlue [Clothing]
48523 Aftermath Deulletto Sixus1 Media [Clothing]
48535 Gemini Warrior Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48557 Brrrrr for Cool Casual Moyra [Clothing]
48585Bad Clown Clothing and Hair Textures Shox-Design [Clothing]
48587 dForce Soulful Outfit for Genesis 8 Female PixelTizzyFit [Clothing]
48599 dForce Little Red Dress Texture Add-on esha [Clothing]
48601 dForce Little Red Dress for Genesis 8 Female (s) esha [Clothing]
48627 Lady of the Land for Genesis 3 Females JGreenlees [Clothing]
48635 Rogue Element Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) IgnisSerpentus [Clothing]
48643 Rogue Hunter Outfit for Genesis 8 Male (s) sade [Clothing]
48647DeNimes Outfit for Genesis 8 Male (s) Shox-Design [Clothing]
48699 IDG dForce Dynamics – Scarves and Shawls InaneGlory [Clothing]
48709 Madhubala for Saree Moyra [Clothing]
48751 Demon Master Outfit for Genesis 8 Male (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48753 Demon Master Outfit Textures Anna Benjamin [Clothing]
48763 dForce Vietnamese Street Trader Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Meshitup [Clothing]
48765 Pastel Goth Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48783Enigma for Genesis 8 Female (s) JGreenlees [Clothing]
48847 Shirt Dress Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48865 Flirty School Uniform for Genesis 8 Female (s) Charlie [Clothing]
48873 X-Fashion Activewear Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) xtrart-3d [Clothing]
48875 X-Fashion Dark Cat Outfit for Genesis 8 Male (s) xtrart-3d [Clothing]
48921 dForce Miellyn Outfit for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) Shox-Design [Clothing]
48925 dForce Sweater for Millennium Dog Aave Nainen [Clothing]
48947dForce Misty Pastel Goth Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) sade [Clothing]
48955 Hipster Outfit for Genesis 8 Male (s) Nikisatez [Clothing]
48981 Slouchy Sweater Outfit for Genesis 8 Female (s) Shox-Design [Clothing]
48983 Slouchy Sweater Outfit Textures Shox-Design [Clothing]
48247 Pictures of You III – Morph-Dial and One-Click Expressions for Genesis 8 Male (s) RiverSoft Art [Expressions]
48855 Big Expressive Pack for Genesis 8 Female Neikdian [Expressions]
48909 100 Must Have Expressions for Genesis 8 Female (s)i3D_Lotus [Expressions]
48943 Z Like A Muse – Morph Dial & One-Click Expressions for Genesis 3 and 8 Zeddicuss [Expressions]
48969 Suteki Mix and Match Expressions for Sakura 8 And Genesis 8 Female (s) EmmaAndJordi [Expressions]
48025 Crypto Alien HD for Genesis 8 Male Josh Crockett [Fantasy]
48401 Princess Aqua for Genesis 8 Female Marcius [Fantasy]
48857 Medieval Death HD for Genesis 8 Male Oskarsson [Fantasy]
48859 Reject for Genesis 8 Male (s) RawArt [Fantasy]
48003P3D Mylou for Genesis 8 Female P3Design [Female]
48011 CB Delano for Genesis 8 Female CynderBlue [Female]
48029 Asia Dials n ‘Smiles for Genesis 8 Female (s) Dogz [Female]
48035 Oriana for Genesis 8 Female Anain [Female]
48037 DT – Anna HD for Victoria 8 Digital Touch [Female]
48041 EJ Nina and Ella for Genesis 8 Female EmmaAndJordi [Female]
48047 SY Fantastical Features Genesis 8 Female Sickleyield [Female]
48071 Betty for Genesis 8 Female D.Master [Female]
48073 Alondra for Monique 8 Silver [Female]
48079 faceOFF Vol. 1: Halloween ShanasSoulmate [Female]
48081 Tiana for Monique 8 Silver [Female]
48105 Cassandra For Genesis 8 Female iSourceTextures [Female]
48117 FW Laverne HD for Monique 8 Fred Winkler Art [Female]
48137 Cayley Character and Hair for Genesis 8 Female (s ) 3D Universe [Female]
48141 Rosalind for Genesis 8 Female (s) Silver [Female]
48151 Grace for Genesis 3 & 8 Female Cherubit [Female]
48171 Adriana For Genesis 8 Female iSourceTextures [Female]
48269 Madalina For Genesis 8 Female iSourceTextures [Female]
48283 Georgina for Genesis 8 Female (s) Silver [Female]
48291 FWSA Imani HD for Monique 8 Sabby [Female]
48297 P3D Yvette for Genesis 8 Female P3Design [Female]
48319 Rhaegal for Genesis 8 Female TwiztedMetal [Female]
48329 Sakura 8 RareStone [Female]
48355 HFS Ultimate Shapes for Genesis 8 Female DarioFish [Female]
48373 Kallisto for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female Mousso [Female]
48405 Niesha for Genesis 8 Female (s) Silver [Female]
48431 LY Shani HD for Genesis 8 Female Lyoness [Female]
48441 Marigold for Victoria 8 Raiya [Female]
48445 Lustra for Genesis 8 Female Silver [Female]
48449 Anastasia For Genesis 8 Female iSourceTextures [Female]
48465 Rachel for Genesis 8 Female Cherubit [Female]
48495 Genesis 8 Female Fantasy Morph Resource Kit Thorne [Female]
48501 Genesis 8 Female Body Morph Resource Kit 3 Thorne [Female]
48549 EJ Alien Creator Morphs for Genesis 8 Female (s) EmmaAndJordi [Female]
48567 Inked Vol.15: New School for Genesis 8 Female (s) ShanasSoulmate [Female]
48583 Ayane for Genesis 8 Female Elianeck [Female]
48589 Nadezhda For Genesis 8 Female iSourceTextures [Female]
48621 FWSA Libby HD for Victoria 8 Sabby [Female]
48651 Izanami for Genesis 3 and 8 Female Mousso [Female]
48691Delilah for Genesis 3 and 8 Female Mousso [Female]
48701 Pei and Pei Suit for Genesis 8 Female RareStone [Female]
48745 Borg for Genesis 8 Female (s) daveyabbo [Female]
48755 Akame for Genesis 8 Female Marcius [Female]
48757 Tanaquil for Genesis 8 Female iSourceTextures [Female]
48815 Muscularity Morphs for Genesis 8 Female (s) SimonWM [Female]
48817 Luna for Genesis 8 Female Anain [Female]
48853 Joanna for Genesis 3 and 8 Female Mousso [Female]
48891 Miellyn for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) Darwins Mishap (s) [Female]
48895 Charlotte 8 Daz Originals [Female]
48901 Charlotte 8 HD Add-On Daz Originals [Female]
48023 East for Daybed Romance Sarsa [Furniture ]
48663 Patio Dining Merlin Studios [Furniture]
48731 Tudor Living 2 Merlin Studios [Furniture]
48889 Hover Furniture Code 66 [Furniture]
48059 Orphelia Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) Neftis3D[Hair]
48061 Short Afro Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 RedzStudio [Hair]
48135 Georgina Pin-Up Hair for Genesis 8 Female (s) Propschick [Hair]
48175 Carla Hair For Genesis 8 Female (s) EmmaAndJordi [Hair]
48237 Anime Bun Hair for Genesis 8 Female (s) RareStone [Hair]
48295 Marigold Hair for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female (s) outoftouch [Hair]
48333 Elan Hair for Genesis 8 Male (s) and Female (s) AprilYSH [Hair]
48387 Bedhead Hair for Genesis 3 & 8 Female (s) ForbiddenWhispers [Hair]
48461 Marigold Hair and OOT Hairblending 2.0 Texture XPansion outoftouch [Hair]
48507 Cady Hair for Genesis 3 & 8 Female (s) AprilYSH [Hair]
48515 Belle Tails for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) SWAM [Hair]
48517 Bad Clown Hairpieces for Genesis 8 Male (s) and Female (s) BadKitteh Co [Hair]
48633 Ayako Hair & Bow for Genesis 8 Female (s) goldtassel [Hair]
48707 Sophia Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) outoftouch [Hair]
48719 Sophia Hair and OOT Hairblending 2.0 Texture XPansion outoftouch [Hair]
48735 Young Grace Hair for Genesis 8 Female (s) goldtassel [Hair]
48737 Colors for Young Grace Hair goldtassel [Hair]
48801 Top Fade Hair and Beard for Genesis 8 Male (s) SamSil [Hair]
48839 Osher Hair for Genesis 3 & 8 Male (s) AprilYSH [Hair]
48919 Bump It Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) goldtassel [Hair]
48973 Savage Hair and Beards for Darius 8 and Genesis 8 Male (s) Nathy [Hair]
48993 Nerea Hair for Genesis 8 Female (s) Toyen [Hair]
48021Corner Room Zen Sarsa [Interiors]
48099 Fitness Club Polish [Interiors]
48201 Fitness Club Locker Room Polish [Interiors]
48227 Fitness Club Shower Room Polish [Interiors]
48323 Cave Restaurant Charlie [Interiors]
48397 Sci-Fi Brig Construction Set The AntFarm [Interiors ]
48773 Abandoned Toilet Digitallab3D [Interiors]
48781 The Tattoo Studio with Poses for Genesis 8 Female and Male i3D_Lotus [Interiors]
48803 Private Practice OfficePolyPusher [Interiors]
48809 Starfall Assimilation Room Studio360 [Interiors]
48879 Old Factory Interior Imaginary_House [Interiors]
48933 Z Photo Studio – Environment with Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 Zeddicuss [Interiors]
48031 ES Pepper Jewelry for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) EyeStorm [Jewelry]
48101 Piercing Collection for Genesis 8 Female (s) Neikdian [Jewelry]
48129 Piercing Collection for Genesis 8 Male (s) Neikdian [Jewelry]
48153Jeweled Excellence Earrings 3 for Genesis 2, 3 and 8 Female (s) Mattymanx [Jewelry]
48249 Hoops Jewelry for Genesis 8 Female (s) WildDesigns [Jewelry]
48677 Jeweled Excellence Bracelets 1 for Genesis 2, 3 and 8 Female (s) Mattymanx [Jewelry]
48197 Space Wreckage The AntFarm [Landscapes]
48207 War Beast: Burrogen Cave Entry Scene Set Sixus1 Media [Landscapes]
48277 Stones HR Andrey Pestryakov [Landscapes]
48491 Winter Lake: Frozen and Broken Ice IndigoJanson [Landscapes]
48673Planet Glise petipet [Landscapes]
48725 Planet Glise 2 petipet [Landscapes]
48729 Planet Teros petipet [Landscapes]
48087 Spooky & Dramatic Lights Iray HDRIs Orestes Graphics [Lights]
48157 IG Iray Dawn to Dusk InaneGlory [Lights]
48279 UltraHD IRAY HD With DOF – Parks and Creation Cake One [Lights]
48307 Fantasy IBL – Above the Clouds HDRI Denki Gaka [Lights]
48325 Quick Iray Outdoor Presets Dreamlight [Lights]
48363UltraHD Iray HDRI With DOF – Out Of This World Cake One [Lights]
48697 Fantastic Lights for Daz Studio Iray Anain [Lights]
48877 Iray Light Probe Kit KindredArts [Lights]
48945 Studio Light PRO Iray HDRI – Soft Light Dreamlight [Lights]
48951 ElianeCK Iray One Click Lights Elianeck [Lights]
48959 IBL Master for Daz Studio Parris [Lights]
48975 IBL Skies – Christmas Gift Denki Gaka [Lights]
48015 ZWorld Containment Modules E-Arkham[Machinery]
48299 Recon Drone Stonemason [Machinery]
48353 Sci-fi Tactical Table And Monitor Nightshift3D [Machinery]
48009 Snowman HD for Genesis 8 Male JoeQuick [Male]
48049 SY Fantastical Features Genesis 8 Male Sickleyield [Male]
48125 Kincaid for Genesis 8 Male gypsyangel [Male]
48211 Chuck for Genesis 8 Male VincentXyooj [Male]
48293 Giuseppe for Lucas 8 Darwins Mishap (s) [Male]
48331 Bolnnar the Dwarf for Genesis 8 Male (s)RawArt [Male]
48357 HFS Ultimate Shapes for Genesis 8 Male DarioFish [Male]
48389 Billy for Genesis 8 Male D. Master [Male]
48451 Bad Clown Jumpsuit for Genesis 8 Male (s) BadKitteh Co [Male]
48511 Evil Clown HD for Genesis 8 Male Josh Crockett [Male]
48513 Oni Demon for Genesis 8 Male (s) RawArt [Male]
48525 FW Keyne HD for Darius 8 Fred Winkler Art [Male]
48529 FW Marcus HD for Darius 8 Fred Winkler Art [Male]
48591 Willis HD for Genesis 3 MaleKool [Male]
48595 FWSA Trystan HD for Darius 8 Sabby [Male]
48597 Robert for Genesis 8 Male VincentXyooj [Male]
48613 Oscar For Genesis 8 Male (s) JavierMicheal [Male]
48625 FWSA Martin HD for Michael 8 Sabby [Male]
48759 Aldo HD and Mustache for Genesis 8 Male Laticis Imagery [Male]
48779 Tyrone for Darius 8 RedzStudio [Male]
48837 EJ Hiroshi and Masao for Genesis 8 Male EmmaAndJordi [Male]
48907 Darius 8 Daz Originals[Male]
48913 The Strongest Man – Expressions for Darius 8 JWolf [Male]
48953 Giovanni for Genesis 3 and 8 Male (s) Darwins Mishap (s) [Male]
48191 Bend Control for Genesis 8 Male (s) Zev0 [ Morphs]
48569 Aging Morphs for Genesis 8 Female (s) Zev0 [Morphs]
48395 Z Nail Salon for Genesis 8 Female (s) Zeddicuss [Nails]
48421 A Little Romance for Autumn Leaves ForbiddenWhispers [Plants]
48435Skin Doctor – Wet & Wild for Genesis 8 and 3 Female (s) SF-Design [Plug-ins]
48615 Emission Profile Master Code 66 [Plug-ins]
48033 Sleeping and Napping for Genesis 3 Female Three Wishes [Poses]
48173 Capsces Poses and Expressions for Monique 8 Capsces Digital Ink [Poses]
48195 Fairy Wonder Poses for Genesis 8 Female i3D_Lotus [Poses]
48303 Z Fatal Attraction – Poses and Partials for Genesis 3 and 8 Female Zeddicuss [Poses]
48305 Teen Rebel Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 Female (s) Skyewolf[Poses]
48321 Pillows and Poses for Genesis 8 Female (s) Muscleman [Poses]
48425 Together: Brotherhood Poses for Genesis 8 Male (s) Faber Inc [Poses]
48459 Autumnal Fun Poses for Genesis 8 Female FeralFey [Poses]
48473 Z What A Man – Poses & Expressions for Genesis 8 Male & Darius 8 Zeddicuss [Poses]
48611 Z Pole Dance Studio and Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 Female Zeddicuss [Poses]
48617 Z Handcuffed – Smart Prop and Poses for Genesis 3 & 8 Female Zeddicuss [ Poses]
48657 Morpheus in Motion PosesFeralFey [Poses]
48665 Z Questioning Room Environment with Poses for Genesis 3 & 8 Zeddicuss [Poses]
48769 Pillows and Poses for Genesis 8 Muscleman [Poses]
48787 Easier Pose Creation for Genesis 8 Male and Darius 8 JWolf [Poses]
48793 Perfect Beauty – Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) ilona [Poses]
48807 Look At Me Pose Control RiverSoft Art [Poses]
48811 IGD Lycan Poses for Werwulf Islandgirl [Poses]
48835 Z Behind The Camera – Prop & Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 Zeddicuss[Poses]
48987 Z Magical Lookout – Scene and Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 Female Zeddicuss [Poses]
48991 Classic Pin Up – Poses for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (s) ilona [Poses]
48091 Modern Wall Clocks Fisty & Darc [Props]
48235 Haunted Toys ARTCollab [Props]
48493 Z Massage Table – Prop and Poses for Genesis 3 & 8 Zeddicuss [Props]
48749 Crystal Vases Fisty & Darc [Props]
48761 Chinese Checkers Game Renderwelten [Props]
48797 RW Letters and MoreRenderwelten [Props]
48799 Commercial Cleaning Supplies Daz Originals [Props]
48881 Rock Guitars for Iray and 3Delight Serum [Props]
48923 SY Swift Steam Iray Sickleyield [Props]
48931 Christmas Frame and Candle Set Neftis3D [Props]
48369 UHD Fuzzy Cloth – Shaders and Merchant Resource DimensionTheory [Shaders]
48821 Hot Metal Shaders Marshian [Shaders]
48095 Ribbon Heel & Hosiery Set for Genesis 8 Female (s) chungdan [Shoes]
48343 Anastasia Heel for Genesis 8 Female (s) chungdan [Shoes]
48609 VXZ3 Heels for Genesis 8 Female (s) HM [Shoes]
48723 Angela Heel for Genesis 8 Female (s) chungdan [Shoes]
48819 JooJoo Sneakers for Genesis 8 Female ( s) chungdan [Shoes]
48941 Geta for Genesis 8 Male (s) tentman [Shoes]
48119 FG Jacuzzi Paradise Scene and Poses for Genesis 8 Female Fugazi 1968 [Structures]
48225 The Heart Of The East Stonemason [Structures]
48419 Old Country FarmhousePredatron [Structures]
48551 Fairy Wishing Well Lilflame [Structures]
48661 Pergoda Venue Predatron [Structures]
48693 Diorama Bases Pack 01 Stonemason [Structures]
48713 Ensk Outpost petipet [Structures]
48963 Forbidden Alley Trendy Renders [Structures]
48965 Ruins – The Snow First Pete [Structures]
48375 Precious Clydesdale Lady Littlefox [Toons]
48911 Gades for Genesis 8 Male PixelTizzyFit[Toons]
48455 iray Turbo – x2-10 Speed – the Tutorial DreamLight [the Tutorials]
48571 of Kick Scooter 3D Modeler [Vehicles Vehicle]
48603 LG07 Mech Combat DzFire [Vehicles Vehicle]
48089 FRAGG-660 Gun Gatling Nightshift3D [ Weapons]
48489 EArkham’s ZWorld Makeshift Flamethrower E-Arkham [Weapons]
48619 European Daggers Merlin Studios [Weapons]
48639 Rogue Element Arsenal for Genesis 8 Female (s) IgnisSerpentus [Weapons]
48641Rogue Spirit – Rogue Element Outfit Textures ARTCollaborations [Weapons]
48705 Black Market Blades: Silent Death Props and Poses for Genesis 8 Female (s) Skyewolf [Weapons]
48785 MAGMA-960 Quad Missile Launcher Nightshift3D [Weapons]
48825 Circle Blade Pose Set and Prop for Monique 8 and Genesis 8 Female UnderConstruction [Weapons]
48861 Arming Swords Valandar [Weapons]
48863 Spear Set Valandar [Weapons]


DAZ-3d file formats:
* .daz – Scene
* .dbc – Camera
* .dbl – Lighting
* .dbm – Material
* .dcb – Custom shader mixer settings
* .ds – Ascii script
* .dsa – Ascii Script 2
* .dsb – Binary script
* .dsd – Details
* .dse – Encrypted script
* .dsf – Support file
* .dsi – Image on a layer
* .dso – Object
* .duf – Custom file
* .dsv – Vertex map
* .duf – File user




How to install
The DAZ Install Manager software, supplied in a free kit for registered users, allows you to install materials located by default in a folder located at:
c: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ DAZ 3D \ InstallManager \ Downloads \
Place files in this folder with the [ZIP] extension and a name starting with “IM000 …” and when you start DAZ Install Manager in the [Ready to Install] tab, you see the required file. If you hover your mouse cursor over it, a brief technical information about the product will be displayed.
Then select the desired file (s) (mark with a bird) and click on the bright green button [Start Queue].
After installing the product, it will appear in the [Installed] tab
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