Data Trace Management Services

Data Trace Management Services (DTMS) was founded to address the demand by Data Trace clients who were seeking professional expertise in managing various aspects of their business. Our client list ranges from Fortune 100 clients to non-profit organizations seeking operational oversight. Our executive staff at Data Trace provides hands-on expertise for its clients in numerous areas, including marketing, finance, legal, program development (including CME programs), website creation and maintenance, membership campaigns, and organization sponsorships. Our clients continue to expand our scope of responsibilities based on our responsiveness, thoroughness, attention to detail, and hands-on approach.

The most important asset which Data Trace Management Services possesses is its senior professional staff. Our CEO is a physician. Our COO holds a PhD in chemistry and is the former research director for a Fortune 100 company. Our CFO is a CPA, MBA with a Big Eight background and experience in Fortune 100 and venture capital companies; he also serves as an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University. Our Legal counsel is a prominent Maryland attorney whose background includes over 20 years at one of the most prestigious law firms in the state; he also served as the former chairman of the Maryland section of the ABA’s Business Section. DTMS is extremely qualified to represent your organization’s interests in a manner to which you are accustomed.

Data Trace Management Services has a complete portfolio of services and products from which to manage your organization. Additionally, DTMS’s internal development and marketing staff has a proven track record to create marketing communications and products to address your organizational needs in a timely and effective manner. Most importantly, unlike most management companies, we do not outsource our management responsibilities to part-time consultants who provide their part-time interest. You are our client, and we possess and control our own resources to provide exclusive attention to your affairs.