Curvearraypro + Magiccurve For Blender

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Curve Array Pro and Magic Curve are a combination of tools that meet almost all user needs for creating arrays along a path.

Magic Curve

Create a curve with the correct tilt to surface.

  • Select edges
  • Make active the vertex from which the curve starts
  • Get your curve!

Curve Array Pro – multifunctional tool for creating an array along a curve. It does not distort the geometry, preserves the local rotation and scale of all objects in array. Curve Array Pro has a few modes of operation and additional settings.

  • Get results in a couple of clicks
  • Use unique ways to fill an array
  • Don’t distort geometry
  • Get the rotation align to face

Main function:

1. Object Editor

2. Object Cloning Type

3. Enable Parenting

4. Fill by Count

5. Fill by Offset (Constant)

6. Fill by Offset (Relative)

7. Free Mode

8. End Offset, Start Offset and Slide function

9. Track Axis

10. Consider Size Of Object

11. Align Rotation

12. Transform Editor

Patch history:


– Added the ability to build arrays of multiple objects and a corresponding editor with various settings, including “random groups”, “ghost collection”, customizable sequence, etc.

– Added a “Transform Editor” that allows you to do transformations of rotation, scale and movement for each object in the array, including progressive and random values.

– All algorithms are adapted to work with multi-objects. The greatest changes were made to the algorithm Fill by ofset (type: Relative).

– Added the ability to choose how to clone an object (Curve Array Pro now works with Decal Machine).

– Magic Curve is now automatically selected after creation

– And other micro-fixes.


– Now you don’t need to apply scale of path before creating an array.

– Fixed a bug where the storage cleared itself.

– Added “Slide” function.

– And other micro-fixes.


   – Adding Magic Curve.

   – Micro fixes 


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