Curve Basher For Blender

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This Add-on for Blender includes several curve generators/kitbashing tools. It has tons of options but is super easy to use at the same time. And we’re still adding more!

(The Sci-fi Drone model in these videos is also included)

What’s new in version 1.3?


Create curves with auto-oriented handles by clicking on mesh surfaces:


Wire Generator
Spawn large amounts of cables and make them sag with a button press:

Hooked Curve Points
With Wire Generator, adjust all your curves together with control volumes:

Curvebash Browser
Instantly add kitbash to curves by simply scrolling through the included presets:

More Randomness
Add randomization to your cables (also works with the included kitbash presets):

Mesh to Curvebash
Apply any mesh to a curve, turn it into an array or use the mesh to endpoints mode:

Works on Edges
The Curvebash Browser doesn’t just work on curves, but mesh edges too:


Other Features

  • Draw Bezier Curves on mesh surfaces.
  • Wire Generator also has Grid/Array mode (think server cables).
  • Enable ‘Sag’ in the Wire Generator to make hanging cables.
  • Apply a mesh to the endpoints of a curve.
  • Convert Mesh Edges to Curves.
  • Scale, Rotate, Slide or Twist the kitbash you applied to a curve.
  • Randomize the Scale and Rotation of multiple curve selections.
  • Add your own kitbash to the preset blend file so it’s always available.
  • And more!


Blender 2.90, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93 LTS (2.83 LTS not currently supported).

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