Cubebrush – Sci-fi Swords Pack 1


Half hand-painted, and highly detailed, these models are compatible with your game engine of choice.

This is a remake version of the model โ€œSci-fi Swords Packโ€ (Not available on Cubebrush)

Updates: โ€“ Texture remake โ€“ Both sword and sheath models share the same material โ€“ Cleaner topology โ€“ Optimized polycount โ€“ Organized UV

Real world scale: approximatively 165cm X 20cm X 5cm

Formats: โ€“ FBX โ€“ Unreal Engine 4 uasset (Copy and Paste) โ€“ Unity 5 Package (Drag and Drop) โ€“ CryEngine 3 Textures โ€“ PBR MetalRough Textures โ€“ PBR SpecGloss Textures

This product includes: FBX: โ€“ 2 Sword Model โ€“ 2 Sheath Model

Unreal Engine 4: โ€“ 2 Materials โ€“ BaseColor โ€“ MetallicRoughnessOcclusion โ€“ Normal โ€“ Emissive

Unity 5: โ€“ 2 Material โ€“ AlbedoTransparency โ€“ MetallicSmoothness โ€“ Normal โ€“ Emission

CryEngine 3: โ€“ ddna โ€“ spec

PBR Textures: MetalRough: โ€“ BaseColor โ€“ Emissive โ€“ Height โ€“ Metallic โ€“ Normal โ€“ Roughness

SpecGloss: โ€“ Emissive โ€“ Glossiness โ€“ Height โ€“ Normal โ€“ Specular

All Maps are in 4096ร—4096