[Cubebrush] Complete Guide To A Concept Art Career

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Year of issue : 2017
Manufacturer : Cubebrush
Manufacturer website : https://cubebrush.co/mb/products/mvjekq/ultimate-career-guide-concept-artist
Author : Marc Brunet
Duration : 7 hours 39 minutes
Handout Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian, English
Description : In this series of lectures, I combined everything that I had a chance to learn over 10 years of work in the field of fine arts and the entertainment industry and tried to conclude the most important points in an 8-hour course as efficiently as possible.
The course includes 7 thematic chapters. The purpose of this course was to touch on all kinds of issues, ranging from the concept of the work of a concept artist, what to be and how to become one.

Chapter 1 – Who is a concept artist? How does a typical day go?
Chapter 2 – Beginning the Design Work / Art Industry
Chapter 3 – Drawing up a work plan / The chain of work stages in the studio
Chapter 4 – Armor Design / My Career Path Part 1
Chapter 5 – Armor Variations in Color and Composition / My Career Path, Part 2
Chapter 6 – Super Ammunition Armor / What should I do to get known about you?
Chapter 7 – Building a Portfolio / Building Awareness Online / How to Interview for a Position
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