CubeBrush – Assault Character Pack Remastered

BlocBros Studio is proud to release a Remastered version of the previous best seller Assault Character Pack incl. Weapons but now with 10x higher character poly count and more articulate skeleton with the classic 6 weapons included. Created for next generation of PC/Console/Mobile platforms in mind with PBS textures and MotionBuilder/Unity Mecanim compatible rig. Models are in FBX-format and textures in TIF-format.

Package contains a total of 10 skins: – Mercenary – Military – SWAT – Delta Force – North Soldier

Now with 5 new bonus skins: – Arctic – Red – Green Army Man – Golden Man – Impostor

With 6 weapons: – M16 – Glock – Spas-12 Shotgun – Smoke Grenade – Hand Grenade – Combat Knife

Assault Character Package contains: – 4k Textures, created for with specular setup. Diffuse, Gloss , Specular, NormalMap and Ambient Occlusion. – Skinned model in FBX-format. – MotionBuilder/Unity Mecanim compatible skeleton. – Skeleton with with 67 bones for more advanced articulation. – 4 LODs. LOD0 23532 polys. LOD1 11774 polys. LOD2 5907 polys. LOD3 3098 polys.

Weapon Package contains: – 2k PBS Textures. Diffuse, Gloss (Smoothness), Specular, NormalMap and Ambient Occlusion. – 2 LODs for each weapon.

Animations are not included.


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