By | October 22, 2018


Each model consists of 3 modular pieces; a center ,inner and outer corner that can be seamlessly combined. Naming convention used is: Decmold### where ### stands for center/inner/outer. Pivot point for all 3 modules is set up for easy snapping (pivot point not preserved in OBJ format).
All models included contain only tris and quads, with good clean topology. All models included are 10cm (3.9 inches) in height. For all meshes topology is set up so that model can be used without subdividing/smoothing as a background element. In case any model is to be used as the center piece of your render it can be subdivided/smoothed without any changes in its silhouette.
All models included are available in .obj, .fbx, .ma and .max formats. They are separated in 4 different folders, each zipped, based on their file format.
Polygon count varies between 3,874 to 59,642. A 8 page .PDF file is included with a preview of 4 models per page.