Collection of High Quality 3D Printable Miniatures Vol.4

picYear of release: 2022
picOfficial website: Patreon
picAuthor: Lord of the Print


A large package of sets for 2022 of high-quality miniatures for 3D printing.
We focus on a narrow niche of characters and items related to dragons, dinosaurs, samurai and other warriors.
All of our models are pre-supported and fit at least the Lego Mars 3D print size.
Because this is something that is identified with a hobby that we have been enjoying for several years now.

STL | LYS | Presupported Version Included| Photopolymer | Height 32mm up to 85mm | Ø up to ~25mm

01_2022 – Great Tide

02_2022 – One Too Many Pickaxes Towards the Abyss

04_2022 – Dinotopia Vol.2

07_2022 – Siren’s Song

08_2022 – Crater of Hell

09_2022 – Let’s Burn the Sacred Forest

10_2022 – Immortal Order

11_2022 – The Tale of Archduke Mousin

12_2022 – Unchained