By | April 18, 2019

CinePunch was created to give digital artists an abundance of tools and controls to enhance the final look of their project. With simplified controls and built-in animation drivers, CinePunch allows a user to focus on design. CINEPUNCH has been designed with the user in mind. Simplified control panels and a vast library of presets will enable a user to focus on the enjoyment of developing the look and feel of their project. Professional tool, professional result built with the beginner in mind. Punch up personal work with CinePunch.

The ultimate completion suite contains the following:

LUTMASTER – (700 Colors and Presets);
DISRUPTION VFX Suite + 4K Elements – Glitch Toolkit;
FILMMAKER VFX Suite + 4K Elements – Film Look Toolkit;
ANAMORPHIC CREAMS (Over 75 Real Anamorphic Glares -4K, 6K, 8K);
LEAKPUNCH (10 4K Light Leak Transition Mattes);
CINEDUST (100 Authentic Dust Mattes 4K, 6K, 8K) – H264, QT Pro Res, RED R3D;
FRACTAL (150 Experimental LightOverlays 4K, 6K, 8K) – H264, QT Pro Res, RED R3D;
GLAM! (100+ Glitter Bokeh Overlays 4K, 6K) – H264, QT Pro Res, RED R3D;
TRANSITIONPUNCH (Over 500 Transitions for Adobe Premiere CS6 and Above);
35 Video Tutorials & Quick Tips;
Premiere, FCP7, FCPX CINEPUNCH Elements Project;
Presets for After Effects and Premiere.



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