Cinemagraphyfamily – The Photoshop Cinemagraph Kit

Are you tired of…
… taking the same type of photograph over and over again? Are you looking to create something a bit more exciting?
Frustrated about having to pay hundred of dollars for a cinemagraph app?
Confused about the correct and most effective way to make cinemagraphs?
Disheartened you’re not getting more engagement and likes on social media?
Discouraged you’re not getting more clients and more money for your photography?
If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, then keep reading.
After years of creating cinemagraphs, I’ve put together 6 Cinemagraph Actions and 30 Cinemagraph Presets that work with any camera, any frame rate or video to help you create cinemagraphs that perfectly loop and look great in a mater of minutes!

Simply drop your footage in Photoshop, click on the action, click on a preset