[Chocofur / Lech Sokolowski] Interior Visualizatio n Secrets in Blender 2.8 & 2.9

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Year of issue : 2021
Manufacturer : Chocofur
Manufacturer website : https://store.chocofur.com/interior-visualization-course-blender-2-80/
Author : Lech Sokolowski
Duration : 14:15:36
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : Knowing the Complete Interior Visualization Workflow in Blender is the key to become a successful 3D Artist. Learn from a professional who does this for over a decade!
The only course explaining the Complete Interior Visualization Workflow
From the client’s brief and technical drawings to the final image and post-production. This course will guide you step by step through 3D modeling, materials, illumination, and more.
Created by professional, doing it for a living for over 10 years
The course is full of practical tips and bulletproof, field-tested techniques. I’ve improved my workflow over the years in countless, real-life, commercial projects.
Packed with 84 Videos, 50 Images, 12 Online Chapters, and Bonuses
I made this course to be your online resource that can be always re-visited. Over 13 hours of videos, images, slideshows, and written tips are there to provide the best possible learning experience.
Includes 12 Interior Scenes and over 300 Blender Models
This is the only course that allows you to learn from the Blender files I use daily to deliver the images to my clients! Plus it includes over 300 interior 3D models that will speed up your daily workflow.

01. Blender 2.80 Introduction
02. Modeling From CAD Drawings
03. Camera Matching
04. Interior Scene Modeling I
05. Interior Scene Modeling II
06. Illumination Setup
07. Material Setup
08. Rendering Setup
09. Image Post Production
10. Animation Fundamentals
11. Eevee Scene Setup
12. Advanced Techniques
13. Blender 2.90+ Updates
14. Post Production Hacks
15. Additional Project Files

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