Chibi Deadpool 3D Printing Figurine | Assembly

Chibi Deadpool 3D Printing Figurine | Assembly


Deadpool is depicted as having an accelerated healing factor, which not only prevents him from being permanently injured through enhanced cell regeneration throughout his body but also causes psychosis and mental instability, as his neurons are also affected by the accelerated regeneration. It is thought that while his psychoses are a handicap, they are also one of his assets as they make him an extremely unpredictable opponent.


The model is saved in STL files, a format supported by most 3D printers.

FFF/FDM version features:
– Contains 4 parts;
– Made with removable swords;
– Made with platform;
– All parts are divided in such way that you will print them with the smallest amount of supports.

DLP/SLA/SLS version features:
– Same as FDM but made as 1 part for economy your material;

All STL files for 3D printing have been checked in Netfabb and no errors were shown.

Note: Before starting 3D printing the model, read the Printing Details for CURA 3.3.1. or Simplify3D softwares.

There are 4 parts for FFF/FDM version and 1 part for DLP/SLA/SLS version.

Scale: Height of Deadpool is 1880 mm. The scale of this figurine was made in proportion to him: 1/16 for FDM/SLA/SLS version.

FFF/FDM/DLP/​SLA/SLS version dimensions:
After being printed will stand – 120 mm tall, 61 mm wide, 61 mm deep;
– Has a few details, to keep printing costs down.


STL files of Chibi Deadpool​ 3D Figurine for 3D printing which consist of 5 parts;
3 versions of files for this model for FFF/FDM, DLP/SLA/SLS;
High-poly detailed figurine of Chibi Deadpool;
– Detailed settings that we provide for Cura 3.3.1. and Simplify3D for the best print;
– Full technical support from the Gambody Support Team.

Watch the tutorial video on how to assemble Chibi Deadpool 3D Printing Figurine at Gambody YouTube channel.

You can get Figurine of Chibi Deadpool​ for 3D Printing right now! Just click the green Buy button in the top-right corner of the model’s page. You can pay with PayPal or your Credit card.

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