Cheetah3D 8.0 For Mac

Cheetah3D 8.0

Publication type: macOS Software
The release took place: 01/23/2024
Supported OS: macOS 10.15+
Developer: © 2001-2024 MW3D-Solutions
Official site: link

Interface language: English

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System requirements:

    • macOS 10.15 or higher
    • Intel 64-bit CPU
    • Apple M+ chip

Cheetah3D is a powerful, easy-to-learn 3D modeling, rendering, and animation application designed from the ground up for the Mac. So dive straight into the world of computer generated images. Create 3D artwork for your next iPhone game or create your first animated character.

Key Features:

    • With a full range of polygon, subdivision and spline modeling tools, you can focus on your creativity; rest assured knowing that Cheetah3D has a wide range of features to meet this challenge. Cheetah3D makes 3D modeling easy for both new and experienced users

    UV editing
    • So you’ve modeled a character or designed a new product, it’s time to start decorating and Cheetah3D is ready to get started. With a powerful UV editor combined with a node-based material system, you can paint and texture every model you create

    • Character rigging is part of Cheetah3D’s seamless animation system, where you can animate virtually every property of an object. Bring a character to life for your next iPhone game or animate an architectural span with the powerful animation system built into Cheetah3D

    • Cheetah3D seamlessly integrates the Bullet physics engine to simulate rigid and soft body dynamics. It doesn’t matter if you want to spill a bowl of marbles on the floor or imitate a flag waving in the wind. Cheetah3D can handle this with just a few clicks

    • Ray tracing, global illumination, HDRI, caustics and more means Cheetah3D can create stunning images and animations using advanced techniques…. Create Stunning Photos with Cheetah3D: Mesmerize Friends, Colleagues and Clients

    Creating Scripts
    • Easy to learn yet powerful Javascript API allows you to extend Cheetah3D’s feature set with custom object types, file loaders, or tools

    File sharing
    • Import and export 3D models and animations using popular file types (fbx, stl, 3ds, obj, etc.) allows you to share content created with Cheetah3D. Images and animations created in Cheetah3D can also be shared using a wide range of popular image and movie file types (jpg, tiff, png, mov, etc.)

    The working process
    • Cheetah3D integrates seamlessly into the workflow of many popular Mac applications. With Cheetah3D you can create stunning 3D models for iBooks Author or many popular game engines

What’s New
Version 8.0:here
1. Mount the image
2. Copy the application icon to the “Programs” folder
3. Register the data received using CORE

K’ed by CORE
Do not update the application!


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