Character Creator 4.4.24 Win December 2023

v4.4 (4.4.2405.1) released on December 6th, 2023

Several added and enhanced features.

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Added Exporting a character in FBX format will include an HIK profile, which speeds up the characterization process upon re-import and maintains twist bone settings. Content Manager: Custom tags are now allowed on every item for forthcoming search and management enhancements. Content Manager: Support for the upcoming Workgroup content download. Content Manager: Multi-word searches are now allowed, separated by spaces, commas, or underscores. Content Manager: New Search History function will store prior search terms.

Enhanced Content Manager: Files can now be dragged from the FIle Explorer directly into Content Manager subfolders. Content Manager: The ‘Item’ tab now displays purchased items. Before only the downloaded content were shown. Content Manager: Installed’ and ‘Not Installed’ filters have been incorporated into the search function, displaying them directly on the user interface. Content Manager: The original global tag under the tree node has been renamed to “My Collections”. Content Manager: Enhanced Content Manager stability and sped up performance.