CGMA – Procedural Modeling for Production in Houdini

CGMA – Procedural Modeling for Production in Houdini

The more you know, the better.

Week 1 | Hard Surface Models Part 1: Chandelier

Build a generator to for creating a customizable chandelier | Explore how we can use point attributes to give extra levels of control & complexity through proceduralism | Learn the basic attributes used to control copies (N, up, pscale, scale)

Week 2 | Hard Surface model Part 2: Mechanical Bird

Explore the tools we can use to get a hard-surface mechanical look | Explore methods of add slight imperfections to our setup to add believability | Learn methods for troubleshooting bad topology | See how, with the proper procedural setup, a “rig” comes for free, and we can control and pose the bird via the controls we created | Explore methods for adding a detail pass to our model

Week 3 | Organic Models Part 1: Succulents & Cacti

Build a generator for a cactus model | Explore how to use the topology of the mesh to generate ridges and spines | Build a generator for a succulent | Learn methods for duplicating and controlling the shape, bend, and distribution of the petals

Week 4 | Organic Models Part 2: Coral Reef

Explore how we can paint areas on a terrain to specify where to populate geometry generation | Build generators for a few different coral reef types: Tubular, Digitate, Laminar Sheets, & Branching

Week 5 | Structures Part 1: Pagoda Foundation

Build the foundation of our pagoda | Create the base of the pagoda, generate stairs that match the height of the base, build repeatable stories, construct the roof, and add railing.

Week 6 | Structures Part 2: Pagoda Adornments

See how adding many simple layers of procedural detail can give complex looking, believable results | Continue working on our pagoda, adding extra detail to it | Add wooden columns and trim, doors, windows, a roof topper, and roof tiles.


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