CGMA Hard Surface Modeling for Films

CGMA Hard Surface Modeling for Films

Year of release : 2018
Manufacturer : CGMA
Website of the manufacturer : https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses/43-hard-surface-modeling-for-films
Author : Jay Machado
Duration : 18 hours 37 minutes
Type of distributed material : Video tutorial
Language : Russian, English
Description : Preparing hard-surface models for VFX
This course discusses the creation of inorganic VFX production assets. Lectures focus on shaping, effective topology, the art of kit bashing, scene organization, texture preparation, lighting, modeling, and the rendering process. Students will be able to learn the process of effectively creating high-quality hard-surface models from concept to final version, as well as complete assignments that familiarize them with the necessary tools and difficulties encountered along the way.

Week 1 – Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling
Week 2 – Blocking out Models
Week 3 – Hard Surface Sculpture and Retopology Workflow
Week 4 – Large Scale Model Details and Radial Modeling
Week 5 – Modeling Greebles
Week 6 – Kitbashing Techniques
Week 7 – Mechanical Modeling
Week 8 – NURBS Curve Tools for Modeling
Week 9 – UV Packing, Tips & Tricks
Week 10 – Lighting, Rendering and Hard Surface Modeling Alternatives


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