[CGCookie] Fundamentals of Blender Materials and Shading

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In this Blender course, learn how to create materials and shaders. Whether you’re going for a stylized or realistic look, this 40-lesson course with a practice Blender exercise will teach you how to do it.
You’ll also learn about all of the different shaders in Cycles and Eevee, the basics of adding textures, the principles of physically based rendering which will make your materials more believable.
I’ll show you how to avoid the most common shading pitfalls, the right workflows for rendering different types of material effects, and how to create your own custom Blender shaders that are super user friendly.

Chapter 1 – Intro to Materials and Shading
Chapter 2 – The Basic Blender Shader Nodes
Chapter 3 – How to Use Textures
Chapter 4 – Intro to Physically Based Rendering
Chapter 5 – Rendering Materials and Shaders
Chapter 6 – The Materials and Shading Workflow

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