CG Fast Track Blender Fast Track: Sword in the Stone (Legacy 2.8) (Blender 2.80)

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New to Blender? Start here! This series was designed to be the easiest way to start your journey into the world of 3D. Learn the basics and sidestep the pitfalls of standard tutorials while building a thrilling fantasy scene.
Part 1
Get started in Blender with this easy-to-follow introduction, where you’ll build a small Minecraft-style scene. In Part 1 you’ll learn to navigate the software, create objects, assign textures, and render…with a fun bonus chapter of tearing it all down!
Part 2
The modeling and texturing toolkit can be incredibly complex. Part 2 keeps it simple while you get to know the most common tools. Learn the essentials you’ll need to digitally forge a fantasy sword.
Part 3
We know it can take years of frustration before creating a scene that you can be proud of. Skip the hassle and learn now how professionals do it, in Part 3! Use standard online resources along with the included kit to help tell the story of a mysterious character’s entrance to a fantasy world.

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