Bootstrap Studio 5.0.3 Website responsive design

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Bootstrap Studio

Bootstrap Studio

Effective website design software that has many features and capabilities. With the help of Bootstrap Studio, you can create responsive websites with beautiful design. The program, used daily by thousands of developers and designers, is based on the popular Bootstrap framework and allows HTML output. Other features of this program include a simple yet powerful interface, support for drag and drop capability, having a very suitable tool for prototyping and designing web pages and applications, and the ability to build Reactive websites mentioned having various tools and features such as headers, footnotes, galleries, slide shows as well as simple tools such as Span and Dive tags.

Another feature of Bootstrap Studio software is Preview feature, which allows you to display the created design in different browsers and devices and shows any changes made at the same time. Also in this program, it is possible to read and edit CSS, jvascript and HTML in the Sublime editor of this program.

32-bit version
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64-bit version
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