Blendit v1.x For Blender 2.8x-2.9x

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Full dynamic one-click solution for material blending of objects

Main features:
Easily create material blend of selected objects with active
Non-destructive operations: create, apply, remove material blends
Option of executing the operations for all blends of source object
Real time dynamic blends works in viewport, Eevee and Cycles
Option automatic create material from blended objects
Option to Blend Normals of objects
Easily tweak individual blend of object
Easy tweaking of all blends of source object
Options to use texture mapping from source object (World space, object space, Transferred UV)

Note that for the version 1.1 there are many limitations, restrictions and some bugs.

I plan to figure out most of it in new versions.

Only one blend per object supported
Two source objects can’t be blended together
The add-on only works with the first material slot
You shouldn’t rename Blend materials for proper functionality
You shouldn’t remove original materials for proper functionality
You shouldn’t rename Blendit modifiers for proper functionality
The quality of the blend depends on mesh density
The add-on can only transfer an active UV of the source object
Multi-user material doesn’t support different blend source objects
Auto Smooth turns on when Blend Normals is used
You must use UV mapping and Transfer UV to blend Normal maps
Used simple inaccurate blending of normal maps
Automatic connected Displacement and Volume outputs aren’t supported
Limited support for input nodes depending on the source object
The node mapping inputs in the source material should be connected
Limited support for some nodes (ColorRamp, RGB Curve, …)
Blender 2.90+ bug, crash when switching to UV Edit of source object
Blender 2.90+ bug, crash when switching to Edit Mode of source object

Release :


If you’re having trouble try disable hdri maker.
For me it solved everything.


And don’t worry fix is already here…

Blendit v1.1



Implemented full support of Frame Nodes
Fixed issue with Reroute Node and full support of these nodes
Fixed issues caused by incompatibility with other add-ons affect material nodes

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