• August 1, 2021
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v0.3.1 Available Now

Save time and memory over the traditional subdivision + displacement method with shader-based micro-displacement.

Super Parallax is an addon which creates parallax nodes you can use in your Blender materials to give the illusion of a 3D displacement. It is comparable to micro-displacement, but removes the need for excessively highly-subdivided meshes. This saves a substantial amount of memory when rendering displacements with fine detail.

Super Parallax works seamlessly between the Cycles and Eevee render engines.

Simple and Fast Interface

Create parallax materials with the click of a button – no node groups need appending! Easily edit parallax parameters in one simple panel.

Create Visually Rich Materials

Micro-displacement adds depth and realism to materials, however subdivisions are slow and costly to render. Super Parallax approximates micro-displacement in shaders in real-time, adding virtually no memory overhead and no subdivision calculations.

Adjustable Quality

Change the quality dynamically with the Super Parallax interface to get optimal detail and performance.

ย Works with Shadows

Super Parallax materials work independently of the camera’s position and direction, meaning it will cast displaced shadows and render correctly in reflections or through glass.

Discover Displacement Tricks

You can use the parallax displacement effect to quickly create detailed geometry without affecting the underlying geometry. e.g. This rope consists of the default cylinder mesh with an array and curve modifier – all the rope details are done at render time in the shader without any additional geometry.


  • Simple interface to speed up the parallax workflow
  • Saves memory and time compared to subdivision + displacement modifier workflow
  • Works in Cycles and Eevee
  • Two parallax algorithms to choose from
  • Accurate silhouettes
  • Arbitrary quality settings/iterations available for high/low detail surfaces and for optimal performance
  • Curved surface support
  • In depth documentation/guide on effective usage
  • Mapping tool – rotate, position and scale parallax surfaces
  • Works with virtually all shading effects (normals, roughness, specular, ambient occlusion, etc)
  • Renders from any view angle – I.e. supports reflections and projects correct shadows
  • Optimisedย for Cyclesโ€™ Shader Virtual Machine (SVM) & Eevee shader compilation
  • By purchasing Super Parallax through Blender Market, a cut of the profits are donated to the Blender Development Fund. The rest allows me to improve this addon and make more future products!

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