[Blender] FaceBuilder 2021.2 [2.80+]

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KeenTools 2021.2.0 (23 March 2021)

  • Automatic face alignment
  • Blender 2.93 Alpha support
  • Simplified camera settings, removed camera groups
  • Minor fixes and improvements

KeenTools 2021.1.0 (21 December 2020)

  • Built-in ARKit-compatible FACS blendshapes
  • Support for LiveLinkFace CSV files with ARKit blendshape coefficients
  • Fixed symmetry for topology and shape
  • Added lop-poly and mid-poly topologies
  • Improved expressions
  • Better pinning performance
  • Fixed possible differences in Hardware ID generation between Nuke and Blender
  • Fixed floating license server connection issues

have fun, as far as i could test it, looks like its working… (follow the instructions for manual install)