Blender: Create and rig realistic Batmobile from A to Z (Blender 2.91)

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Blender: Create and rig realistic Batmobile from A to Z (Blender 2.91)

Year of issue : 2021
Manufacturer : Udemy
Manufacturer website : https://www.udemy.com/course/hwo-to-create-the-batmobile-with-blender/
Author : Mrawan Hussain
Duration : 20:41:31
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : Hi I’m Marwan Hussain,a 3D artist I like to create a highly detailed realistic project from start to finish and I did that with this project ” Blender: Create and rig realistic Batmobile from A to Z”
It takes me almost a month to put this course together, but thank god it’s finish and ready.
First thing I want to say here, I will use Blender 2.91 alone without any outside plugins or something like that. In short in this course we will learn Modeling, Unwrapping, Rigging, Texturing, Rendering.
Let’s talk about Modeling, In this section, we will learn step by step how to model this vehicle with smart technique and easy way to follow, we will use the surface extrusion technique to create the whole body and in the first stage we will create the body without any details to make the creation process easier to follow,
after we complete the body we will use the shrinkwrap modifier to create the final body and we will learn how to make complex details without worrying about pinching or any ugly shading, and that’s will be fun
after we complete the body we will learn how to create the other pieces and we will use an easy and unique technique, like creating the tires, the wheel, front light, rear light, rear bumper, and its details ext…
when we finish with modeling, we need to go to the next step, how to make this result ready to receive the texture correctly, that’s mean we need to unwrap it, and we will, In this section ( section 2 ) we will learn how to unwrap the whole vehicle with all the details that we added we will never leave anything behind, the body, the tires, the wheels, the bolts, everything we will add a checkered material to check our result of unwrapping how nice and correct will be.
Rigging, the most fun section, YES it’s very beautiful to make your vehicle ready to move and ready to make a nice shot by creating an animation to your vehicle, so in this section, we will learn how to Rig the Batmobile vehicle with Blender 2.9 step by step, and when you understand that, you will be able to rig your own vehicle even if you want to rig a truck you will be able to do that by using this technique, we will learn how to use the armature how to move it, how to create relationships with other armatures and get a very nice result. we will learn how to add bone constraints and how to set up the constraints correctly to get accurate results, too much fun in this section, when you make all of that ready, I will teach you how to create nice looking controllers to make the final result very elegant and easy to control.
Adding the materials, It’s the most fun section and the most section that we will put our effort and time in. In this section, we will learn how to create realistic old-looking material to push the vehicle looking towards realism, we will do that together.
We will start with the car material, how to add the flakes, how to add scratches, and a bit of dust above the surface to make it old and realistic. we have too many materials to create in this course I don’t want to talk about them here in the description, you can check the video intro to see the details by yourself. after completing the texturing section we will render the vehicle with Cycle Engin render, and we will learn how to set up the scene and make it ready.
Blender: Create and rig realistic Batmobile from A to Z this course is one of my best courses until now too many details to talk about, what I just said in this description it’s like scratching the surface of what this course contains.

1. Introduction
2. Unwrapping
3. Rigging Section
4. Texturing section
5. project files
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