Blender 3D : Deep Dive Into Modeling

Release year : 2021
Manufacturer’s site : Skillshare
Автор : SouthernShotty3D, Motion: Design, Direction, & Animation
Duration : 54 min.
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : English
Sample files : present
Video format : MP4

Video : MPEG4 Video (H264) 1600×900 30fps 2027kbps
Audio : AAC 48000Hz stereo 193kbps

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Описание : This is the perfect place to master modeling tools in Blender. These skills are necessary for anyone looking to pursue a 3D career. This course will cover skills traditionally used in animation, motion design, and video game design.
We will be going through the modeling techniques to model characters like this while learning the modeling workflow in Blender. You’ll learn the tools, what it means to have good topology, and tricks to speed up your workflow. Feel free to follow along with the class example or make your own!