Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course

Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course

Release year : 2022
Manufacturer : Skillshare
Manufacturer website : https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Blender-3-The-Ultimate-Medieval-Scene-Course/1627860334
Author : Neil Bettison
Duration : 16:37:28
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : An upgrade to Blender 3.0 won’t cost you anything.
How can a Blender 3.0 course improve your life?
I used to be apprehensive about new Blender updates. They made me feel like I had fallen behind.
The key to deciphering new software updates is practice. You need to relieve this anxiety you’re feeling with a medieval themed project filled with challenges super-useful solutions!
What are the top 5 things you can get out of this course?
1. We will be using the Blender 3.0 asset manager in various ways;
2. You will be exploring Blender’s particle systems, including grass and straw roofs;
3. A water simulation with a stop and start will be part of your scene;
4. We will be simulating realistic smoke, and;
5. You will be texture painting with 3 different textures on one mesh.
Start learning with ‘Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course’!
I can imagine this going very well with your medieval well and medieval castle keep with or without slight modifications to your existing scene.
‘Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course’ will see you creating a medieval farmstead. Your medieval farmstead will feature farmhouses, grass, mud, plants, trees, a water pump, and a windmill.
IT WILL BE ALIVE because of all the exciting plant growing animations it will feature.
This course will give you access to just over 16 hours of 3D art.
This course will see you learn all the techniques pros use and how they use them. Learning how to achieve realism through ageing your 3D game environments will be a central part of this course’s learning objectives!

01. Blender 3 the Ultimate Medieval Scene Course.mp4
02. Learning the Basics of Blender.mp4
03. Setting up Blender Asset Manager.mp4
04. Setting up References within Blender.mp4
05. Creating the Walkway Greybox.mp4
06. Working with Planks of Wood.mp4
07. The Powerful Bisect Tool.mp4
08. Learning about Textures and Materials.mp4
09. Applying Materials & Textures.mp4
10. Working with Nodes Hue & Saturation.mp4
11. Creating HDRI Assets.mp4
12. Creating the Barn Greybox.mp4
13. The Art of Creating Roofs.mp4
14. Adding Realism to our Models.mp4
15. Filling in the Barn Frame.mp4
16. Working with Dissplacement.mp4
17. Applying Materials to the Barn.mp4
18. Creating the Ladder & Fork Models.mp4
19. Building the Water Pump Greybox.mp4
20. Preparing the Water Pump for Rigging.mp4
21. Blender Extras Pipes.mp4
22. Weighting & Animating the Water Pump.mp4
23. The Water Pump Asset Completed.mp4
24. Scene Collections & Starting the Windmill.mp4
25. The Right & Wrong Way to use Array.mp4
26. Creating the Windmill Turbine.mp4
27. Finishing the Windmill Model.mp4
28. Applying Materials to our Windmill.mp4
29. Animating the Windmill.mp4
30. Starting the Main Farm House Greybox.mp4
31. Blocking out the Farm House.mp4
32. Establishing a Professional Workflow.mp4
33. Notching up the Modeling Difficulty.mp4
34. Working with Ambient Occlusion.mp4
35. Creating the Chimney Greybox.mp4
36. Working with Booleans.mp4
37. Planning out the House Shelter.mp4
38. Creating Realistic Tree Stumps.mp4
39. Creating Logs with Curves.mp4
40. Texturing Logs for Realism.mp4
41. Planning Out the Windows.mp4
42. Finishing the Windows & Glass.mp4
43. Planning out the Staircase.mp4
44. Finishing the Staircase Asset.mp4
45. Creating Realistic Doors.mp4
46. Handles with Curves.mp4
47. Creating the Large Fence.mp4
48. Pumpkin Patch Fence Greybox.mp4
49. Fine Line Between Realism & Polygons.mp4
50. Finishing Modeling the Base Structures.mp4
51. New Pastures Starting the Scene.mp4
52. Problems with Creating the Land.mp4
53. Populating the Scene with Asset Manager.mp4
54. Working with Multiple Texture Maps.mp4
55. Vertex Painting with Multiple Textures.mp4
56. Sculpting within Blender.mp4
57. Rendering with Blender Cycles.mp4
58. Creating the Grass & Plants.mp4
59. Blenders Particle System Setup.mp4
60. The Weight Painting System Explained.mp4
61. Dealing with Transparent Materials.mp4
62. Creating the Straw Base Mesh.mp4
63. Particle Systems Based on Collections.mp4
64. Fixing Problems with Particle Systems.mp4
65. Creating Trees with Sapling Generator.mp4
66. Tree Branches Created the Easy Way.mp4
67. Weight Painting the Trees.mp4
68. Creating the Geometry Node Leaf.mp4
69. Introduction to Blenders Geometry Nodes.mp4
70. Working with Geometry Nodes.mp4
71. Complexities of Geometry Nodes.mp4
72. Finishing the Crop Geometry Node.mp4
73. Laying out & Animating our Crops.mp4
74. Working with Liquid Simulations.mp4
75. Creating a Water Shader with Nodes.mp4
76. Creating the Water Bucker.mp4
77. Animating with Shape Keys.mp4
78. Shrinkwrapping Pumpkins.mp4
79. Pumpkin Growth Animation.mp4
80. Animating Pumpkin Textures.mp4
81. Creating the Pumpkin Leaves.mp4
82. Populating our Pumpkin Patch.mp4
83. Creating Wind & Turbulence.mp4
84. The Particle Edit Comb.mp4
85. Smoke Simulation Creating Smoke Shader.mp4
86. Our First Scene Render.mp4
87. Refining the Scene.mp4
88. Setting up a Turntable Camera.mp4
89. Outro & Critiquing our Own Work.mp4
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