Blender 2.90 Addon Development Simplified

Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : Gumroad
Manufacturer website : https://gumroad.com/l/fciiU
Author : Olav3D Tutorials
Length : 03:06:05
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : 181 minutes of pure Blender Python tutorials. Now anyone can learn how to make their own addons in Blender! Made for all levels of Blender users.
Demo tutorials to see whether you like the way I teach Blender Python: YouTube: A_jfug7-HJw
Course structure: Once you have completed the introduction to Python in Blender, the order of the videos do not matter. You do not need to know how to import text documents to visualize music after all.
Learning addon development for Blender can be extremely hard time-consuming to figure out on your own, I have myself spent years learning programming, both in university and by reading loads of Blender Python documentation. In this course I will cover the most important subjects for addon development for Blender. The course is result-oriented and you will have developed many addons once you have finished the course.

01. Course Trailer.mp4
02. Blender Python Introduction.mp4
03. For Mac Users System Console.mp4
04. Resources.mp4
05. Learning From Other Addons.mp4
06. Read CSV and TXT Documents.mp4
07. Write CSV and TXT Documents.mp4
08. Statistics Animation.mp4
09. Simple Buttons Addon.mp4
10. Simple Calculator and Printing Text in the Viewport.mp4
11. Dropdown Menu.mp4
12. Physics Addon.mp4
13. Custom Icon.mp4
14. Multiscript Addon.mp4
15. Music Visualization Addon.mp4
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