Baga Ivy Generator V 2.1 Blender 2024

Master Ivy Creation in Blender

From quick sketches to meticulous details,

all backed by our rich library of presets and assets.

3 Ivy Generators

For versatile needs, the addon includes three generators: Precision – letting you design ivy branch by branch; Accurate – generating ivy tailored to the surface with a complex and realistic branch network; and Fast – for creating expansive ivy areas with top-notch performance.

Embrace Speed !

FAST Generator : Perfect for background scenes or covering large areas, this generator focuses on performance and can create a vast amount of ivy.

Aim for Accuracy !

ACCURATE Generator : The ivy spreads and adapts to the surface, automatically generating a realistic network of branches.

Or be Precise !

PRECISION Generator : Draw branch by branch

Explore them all !

Quickly switch between species in 1 click !
How it works ?
Select a preset > select a target > DRAW !
It’s fully integrated into the asset browser, you can also use your own assets.
Each preset has its own settings to generate the species in the most accurate way.

Complete library !

Our library contains over 300 assets and 70 preset species.

Each preset has its own settings, which allows the generator to be as accurate as possible.

Optimized for EEVEE & Cycles
  • Built with quad topology for seamless subdivision.
  • Minimal alpha for efficient rendering,
  • True-to-life species representation,
  • Fully compatible with both EEVEE & Cycles,

Assets’s materials are also compatible with BagaPie “Node To Panel”. 

Breathe Life into Your Ivy !

Seamless loopable animations and intuitive wind control at your fingertips. Our generator delivers dynamic ivy right out of the box.

Tip: For optimal results with custom assets, ensure their transforms point to +Y. If not, we’ve got you covered with a built-in option.