Audio Machine Bundle Collection Full

Files Include:

AM Series:

AM001: Big, Big & Bigger
AM002: Trailer Acts
AM003: The Platinum Series I: Orchestral Themes
AM004: The Lighter Side
AM005: Blood, Death & Fears
AM006: The Platinum Series II: Gladiators & Monsters
AM007: Terminus
AM008: The Platinum Series III: Eterna
AM009: Trailer Acts 2
AM010: Maelstrom
AM011: The Platinum Series IV: Labyrinth
AM012: Deus Ex Machina
AM013: Bloodbath and Beyond
AM014: Drumscores
AM015: Epica
AM016: Leviathan
AM017: Helios
AM018: Awakenings
AM019: Millennium
AM020: Origins
AM021: Phenomena
AM022: Monolith
AM023: Phantasm
AM024: Psychosis
AM025: Remixed
AM026: Intros
AM027: Titan
AM028: Decimus

AMP Series:

AMP001: The Ensemble Series: Volume 1

AMS Series:

AMS001: Atomic Music Station

AMT Series:

AMT001: Tools of the Trade: Volume 1
AMT002: Tools of the Trade: Volume 2
AMT003: Tools of the Trade: Volume 3
AMT004: Tools of the Trade: Volume 4
AMT005: Tools of the Trade: Volume 5 – Tones, Textures and Transitions

Public Albums:

(2012) – Chronicles
(2013) – Tree of Life
(2013) – Trilogy
(2013) – Existence
(2013) – Blood and Stone [Single]
(2014) – Champions Will Rise: Epic Music from the 2014 Winter Olympics
(2015) – Magnus

Promo Albums:

(2013) – 50,000 Likes: Fan Appreciation Compilation
AMF001: YouTube Tracks: Uplifting and Inspirational Volume 1 – (2009-2012)
AMF002: YouTube Tracks – Summer Blockbuster Vol. 1 (2014)
AMF003: YouTube Tracks – Horror Suspense Vol. 1 (2014)

File Size: 12.21GB


Video Copilot – Action Essentials 2 Deluxe Box Set (Full – 2k) – 32Gb(Opens in a new browser tab)

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