Apple Final Cut Pro 10.5

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Whatโ€™s New in Final Cut Pro 10.5

Improved performance and efficiency on Mac computers with Apple silicon
โ€ข Accelerated machine learning analysis for Smart Conform using the Apple Neural Engine on Mac computers with Apple silicon
โ€ข Option to create a copy of your library and automatically transcode media to ProRes Proxy or H.264 at various resolutions
โ€ข Final Cut Pro combines revolutionary video editing with powerful media organization and incredible performance to let you create at the speed of thought.

Revolutionary Video Editing
โ€ข The Magnetic Timeline 2 with color coding and flexible lanes is faster and easier to use than traditional tracks
โ€ข Enhanced Timeline Index lets you drag and drop audio roles to rearrange the layout of your timeline
โ€ข Use Clip Connections to attach B-roll, sound effects, and music to the timeline
โ€ข Reduce clutter by grouping clips into a Compound Clip
โ€ข Cycle through different shots, graphics, or effects at one place in the timeline with Auditions
โ€ข Edit multicamera projects with automatic syncing based on audio waveforms and support for up to 64 camera angles

Powerful Media Organization
โ€ข Organize your work within libraries for efficient media management and collaboration
โ€ข Content Auto-Analysis captures camera metadata and analyzes shots in the background
โ€ข Create and apply custom keywords or favorites on the fly as you select clip ranges
โ€ข Smart Collections dynamically organize content for you to quickly find any shot in a few clicks

Incredible Performance
โ€ข Final Cut Pro uses all the GPUs in your Mac for superior real-time playback performance and fast background rendering
โ€ข 64-bit architecture uses all the RAM in your system for larger projects and richer effects
โ€ข Background processing lets you keep working without interruption
โ€ข Work natively with a broad range of formats including ProRes, RED, XAVC, AVCHD, H.264 from DSLRs, and more

Compelling, Customizable Effects
โ€ข Beautifully animated, easily customizable 2D and 3D titles
โ€ข Change the look of titles, transitions, and effects using intuitive controls
โ€ข Choose from an extensive ecosystem of third-party FxPlug plug-ins with custom interfaces

Integrated Audio Editing
โ€ข Assign roles โ€” including dialogue, music, effects, and custom choices โ€” during import to easily track and organize your project
โ€ข Expand and edit multichannel audio files directly in the timeline
โ€ข Let Final Cut Pro repair audio problems such as hum, excessive background noise, and more
โ€ข Sync DSLR video with separate audio in a single step with instant audio waveform matching

Intuitive Color Grading
โ€ข Import, edit, and deliver video in standard color spaces, or in wide Rec. 2020 color space
โ€ข Improve the look of any clip with one-click Balance Color
โ€ข Manipulate color, saturation, and exposure with the Color Board
โ€ข Fine tune a specific color or area of the screen using keying and masks

One-Step, Optimized Output
โ€ข Incredibly fast export for playback on Apple devices and upload to websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook
โ€ข Use themed menus to author and burn a DVD or Blu-ray disc
โ€ข Export audio stems and multiple versions of a finished video using roles metadata
โ€ข Import and export XML for third-party workflows like color grading and sound mixing



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