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Most browsers today send their users information to their creators. Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc. are some of the popular browsers that provide privacy information to their creators. This information may sometimes be a unique ID that allows the user to be identified, or it may sometimes be an address from a website that the user has visited. This information may, in the most optimistic case, serve as an awareness of the user's interests. Use ads, etc. Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy is a tool designed by browsers to help users prevent computer spying. In addition to this unique feature, the program is also able to clear the user's Internet footprints on the system so that it can otherwise help protect the user's privacy.

AntiBrowserSpy software features

  • Turn off browser spyware
  • Clear user footprints
  • Backup browser settings
  • Automatic cleaning and backup schedule
  • Support for popular browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, NetSkip, etc.

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