Animax For Blender – Procedural Animation System

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You may ask yourself: Why should i use this plugin?

The short answer is: because you can get some professional looking animations, with a very little effort, in a very short time.

The workflow is straightforward, just choose an effect (or make your own), play with the parameters and the timing, and you have your animation ready, no math or programing required.

If you are a motion graphics artist, then ANIMAX would be a great addition to your arsenal.


  • 15 different effects to choose from + the custom mode to create your own effects.
  • Ease of use, a simple UI and a straightforward workflow.
  • Tools for splitting/shattering a mesh object into pieces.
  • Convert the procedural animation to keyframes.
  • The animation is procedural, but it’s possible to keyframe a lot of parameters for more complex animations.
  • And much moreโ€ฆ
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