Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2019.2.0.3242

Release date: 2019/07/25
Summary: Major release with updates of the bakers in terms of performance and a new previsualization mode + new content


[Bakers] Added support for GPU Raytracing with DXR and OptiX (Ambient Occlusion, Thickness)
[Bakers] Optimizations and accelerations for CPU Raytracing
[Bakers][Vis mode][UI] New baking visualization mode in viewport
[Bakers][Preferences][UI] New baking option for enabling-disabling GPU Raytracing
[Bakers][UI] Rework of the progress bar dialog
[Bakers] Improvement of warning and error messages
[Bakers] Allow more responsive cancelling of baking process
[Bakers] Reopen bake window after clicking cancel
[Proj][UX] Usability improvement of rotation manipulator
[Settings] Option to improve performance by reducing viewport resolution for HDPI screens
[Scripting] Change texture set resolution
[Scripting] Get selected texture set
[Scripting] Allow the user to select a texture set
[Scripting] Function to know when texture set selection has been changed
[Shelf] Added 40 new smart materials
[Shelf] Added 20 new smart masks


[Layer stack] Freeze of UI when multi-selecting layers
[Layer stack] Grouping lots of layers freezes the UI for longer than usual
Substance graphs used inside painting tools are not generated at the right resolution
[Baker] “Bake All Texture Sets” button is not disabled when no bakers are selected
Projection tool has no preview when used with a mask
Crashes and corrupted projects when trying to save with insufficient disk space
[Shelf] Crash when importing a resource on disk via shelf with insufficient space
[Shelf] Crash when restoring session preset
[Shelf] Importing a preset with a name that ends with a space leads to a crash
[Shelf] Importing a resource with a prefix that ends with an empty space leads to a crash

Known Issues:

Alembic files with subdivisions cannot be imported
Rare crashes when importing some Alembic files
UI temporarily unresponsive when baking with DXR on Pascal GPUs

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