Aescript Pixel_Encoder For After Effect

Aescript Pixel_Encoder For After Effect




Key Features:

– User-friendly effect plugin to create eye-catching pixel animation sequences

– 7 modular presets for a variety of pixelated styles

– Customization of colors, pattern size, vertical/horizontal detail, and more.

– Compatible with After Effects and Premiere Pro.


Pixel_Encoder - Gallery Preview


Pixel_Encoder: Unlike Any Other Product On The Market

I know, because I looked. I wanted to create a series of animations just like the ones you see here, but my search for the right tool came up empty. After months of R&D, I’ve done all the work so you can skip straight to the fun part. Executing your vision.


Pixel_Encoder - Thermal Example Pixel_Encoder - Hypnosis Example


Pixel_Encoder offers functionality like no other.

Pixel_Encoder comes packed with 7 presets to fulfill all your encoding needs. And due to advancements in quantum-pixel technology, all 7 presets can be layered to create never before seen earth-shattering visuals. Pretty cool, right?

Effect Controls

Pixel_Encoder Effect Controls

Pixel_Encoder - Comparison View

Get professional results without professional footage

Pixel_Encoder uses the luminance value from your footage to create entirely new animations. This allows you to input low-res footage and export at any resolution without a noticeable difference. Working with 1080p video but want a 4K deliverable? Just change the size of your composition, and you’re good to go.



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