3D Animation and Rigging Weekly

When it comes to bringing believable 3D characters to life in Autodesk Maya, there’s always more to learn. In this weekly series, get practical tips that can help you enhance your 3D animation and rigging workflow, as well as generally work smarter in Maya. Instructor George Maestri covers how to mimic stop-motion techniques using replacement animation, write scripts to speed up your rigging process, and much more. Tune in every Thursday for a new tip


Create rigging and animation with Maya
Taking advantage of the exercise files
September 2020
Creating replacement animation
Using offset parent matrices
Scripting offset parent matrices
Animation timeline bookmarks
October 2020
Using proximity pins
Using UV pins
Proximity wrapping
The Rivet command
Animating blinks
November 2020
Changing eye direction
Eye direction and head turns
Rigs for dilating pupils


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