JangaFX EmberGen v0.7.5 – Software for creating Fire Smoke and Explosions in real-time

JangaFX EmberGen v0.7.5 – Software for creating Fire Smoke and Explosions in real-time

Create Stunning Fire, Smoke,
and Explosions in Real-time with JangaFX EmberGen. Real-time Workflows Tailored for You.

EmberGen for Games
EmberGen is currently used in over 150 leading game studios. Our games specific workflow has been battle tested in production. From fire and explosions, to energy and magical effects, we have you covered. Not only does EmberGen allow for real-time iteration, but its ease of use and built-in texture export features are unparalleled.
Effortlessly Generate Flipbooks & Sprite Sheets
EmberGen has a flipbook workflow unlike any other simulator in the industry. Generate game-ready, fully assembled flipbooks in seconds, then preview your flipbook animations with our inspector tool. Need to make a change? No problem, it’ll only take a few seconds.
Iterate with Unprecedented Speed
We get it: simulations and renders usually take forever to get right. That’s why we built EmberGen. Unlike other software, it uses the full power of your GPU—so you can simulate and render volumetric phenomenon in real-time. Not only does EmberGen produce game-ready flipbooks in seconds, it now allows you to create iterations easier and faster than ever before. Utilize random seeds to generate new iterations with rapidity. Do note that all simulations are deterministic, so you can be sure the simulation is the same each time you open your project.
Instantly Export Game Ready Data
Export an array of game-ready data types with no special setup required:

Final Renders
Motion Vectors
6 Point Lighting
Normal Maps
Depth Maps
& More!


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